Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I've been pondering something for some time, really it commenced to bug me early today while viewing the climate report.

On the radar, the metroplex was checked "DFW." But hold up a second, I assumed...that puts the D on the west side where Fort Worth is, and the FW over east by (yuck) Dallas.

So from here on out, on the off chance that I ever need to allude to the metroplex for any reason, I will be calling it the "FWD" territory. Not that I fundamentally need to recognize Dallas' presence oftenly, yet it happens. Who do Dallasites think they are, trying to overrule Geography itself!?

Along these lines, Fort Worth companions, help me let whatever remains of the world realize that West is Best. Begin calling our piece of Texas the "FWD" region. Assuredly by one year from now, we'll be flying places out of "FWD Global Airport." I like the way that its a distill of "forward" as well.Sort of works like a "forward, upward" rally let loose.

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